My Aidez Cardigan

Its been quite a while since I last pointed when I was still in Spain.  Now I’m back in the U.S. and I’m working on my sweater again!  I had knitted the left side, back and half of the right side, but decided to take it all out and knit it together.


This is how the sweater looked before I took it all out to start over.

Now I’ve knitted a large portion of the sweater and have one sleeve completed.  I chose to knit one of the sleeves first to check the gauge before I really got knitting again.  Its going well and I hope to have it done before the fall and maybe even finish it before I head back to college in August.  My grandma is going to be teaching me how to knit the sleeves on to the sweater.  She’s a great knitter and claims shes never sewn on a single sleeve.  She can figure out how to knit all kinds of things on to projects of any type.  Luckily, she said this will be an easy place for me to start learning to knit things together because the sweater pattern is for raglan sleeves.


I’ve knitted about half of the body of the sweater.


I really like how the sleeve turned out. I took two stitches out of the cuff to make it fit a little better and knitted the rest of the sleeve exactly how the pattern said.

I’ve had quite a lot of time to work on the sweater since getting back.  I’m not working this summer because I got back to late in the summer to find a job.  Instead, I’ve had the opportunity to travel to the beach with my friends, visit my parents in their house in the mountains, and now travel to the beach with my grandmother and cousins.  Its given me a lot of time to sit and knit between activities and I’m glad I’ve had the opportunity to do so much before the start of my senior year of college.


I chose to make the sweater from Berroco Vintage yarn in the color dungaree.




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